Sculling Oars

Alden Deltor
The Deltor blade design is particularly well suited for open water conditions. This small blade produces as much thrust as traditional larger blades. The pointed blade tip aids in feathering, making this oar very easy to use, even in windy and rough conditions.

  • $550 (pair)

Durham Hatchet
The Hatchet blade is designed for powerful rowers who want no slip at the catch. This style is used by many competitive rowers. The larger sized blade uses a shorter shaft and has a very stiff feel for optimal power transfer.

  • $525 (pair)

Durham Macon
The Macon blade is the traditional shape, the originals were hand carved from wood. The Macon updates this design with a race-pro Accessories ven shape offering excellent balance and a solid feel through the stroke.

  • $525 (pair)

Oar Accessories

  • Douglas Oarlocks: $58 (pair)
  • Bronze Oarlock Sockets: $15 (pair)
  • Martinoli sleeves (black): $33 (pair)
  • 3-inch heat-shrink CVC oar sleeves for D-shaped oars (black): $14 (pair)
  • Buttons: $25 (pair)